Once Upon a Garden…

There is no greater joy for me than tending to my garden.

It is my little Eden and I wish for every yard, an Eden of its own.

With every seed and seedling, a miracle ensues.

Perhaps in fruit or flower...the fragrance or the taste...

I always find for certain, the miracle of God's embrace.

  Infinite Blessings!

Shelley Richardson
© 2012

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Harvesting the Power of the Pause

The pause between the breaths yields the power of INSPIRATION...to make change, to innovate, to restore balance.

I gazed across the greening spring earth in the pausing today....and met not the usual one or two but a field of robins cheerfully about the business of their moment. A seamless tapestry of creativity, joy and appreciation...a masterpiece to adorn the halls of my mind with timeless INSPIRATION.

What an unspeakable treasury was found in the harvest today!

Infinite Blessings,
Shelley Richardson
© 2012

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I’ve been making my way through cupboards and closets – discarding, organizing….signs of the cacophony of our times. It’s my way of maintaining a sense of peace and order in my corner of the universe when so much else in the wider world appears in chaos. I am bewildered to hear words seeping from once spirited hearts, “I thought it was supposed to get better not worse.” It shocks me more than all the world’s unrest into a new realization that these tumultuous times are beginning to weigh down Light hearts…and so I am compelled to write:

Bitter fruits or dawns? It seems we are at a crossroads and must choose. A feast of bitter fruits is laid out on a banquet table before us. Do we pull up a chair and join in the feast or do we excuse ourselves to follow through our lives with Light hearts and the promise of eternal dawns rising?

I smile in my mind’s eye for I see the silken thread of dawn’s luminous Light streaming across the horizon line, starkly juxtaposed against the black sky. Surprisingly, I feel a call of appreciation rising in my soul for the role of darkness: I see the Light all the more clearly because of it.

I open the floodgates of my heart to dawn’s sweet stream of eternal hope and it flows through me like a river. I have the antidote to the material world coursing through my veins and heaven is on earth for me.

I am one with the RIVER of LIGHT in the sky.
Hope to see you there.

Infinite Blessings,
Shelley Richardson


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The RIVER OF LIGHT exists all around us. We are but a barge on its current making our way along our humble human paths. In our daily work, thought and loving, let the purity of our intentions seek to match the exquisite beauty of RIVER's DIVINE vibration. To do less, is to strum the heavy cord of darkness polluting the radiant waters and perpetuating the illusion of separation. To do, is to sweetly pluck the harp strings of gold, opening the floodgates of our hearts to the RIVER's DIVINE flow. Walls of separation disappear as the heavenly harp's song calls forth our natural state of being...and we are lost and yet found in ONENESS.

Infinite Blessings,
Shelley Richardson

Copyright 2012

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AUTHENTICITY: The Greatest Gift

In all our daily living, let us strive for AUTHENTICITY.
Let it temper our dreams, wants, desires, our greetings and loving of one another.

Release the layers of misperception and constriction that lead us to temptations and once more feel our hearts sing unencumbered and free. Remember. Remember our authentic heart as it was gifted to us with a voice so unspeakably beautiful that no wrapping or ribbon worthy could contain. Let this be our greatest gift this Christmas season – to ourselves, to humankind and away in a manger to the little babe who dreams sweetly to the chorus of our hearts’ homecoming.

Merry Christmas.

Infinite Blessings,
Shelley Richardson


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Many thanks to all of you for making SOPHIE & The Magic of Dance our best seller this holiday season! We have a limited number of copies left that have just arrived in time for holiday shipping. Order by Dec. 12 in Canada, Dec. 8 in US, for delivery by Dec. 24, 2011. EDDY Press is also proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from each SOPHIE book sold in Canada, will go towards Canada's National Ballet School: our world renowned professional ballet school where talent alone is the sole criterion for entry.

Here is what some of our readers are saying about SOPHIE & The Magic of Dance:

"FABULOUS! It's wonderful! A great book for children!"
Karen Zissoff. Director of DANCERS INC., Memphis, TN, USA.

"BEAUTIFULLY written! Your words convey a wonderful sense of love, peace and joy. Much wisdom also!"
Patricia Elm. Entrepreneur. Canada

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“Celestial Blessings”

Blessed are we the human race when...
in poverty, we find potential
in destruction, we find community
in illness, we find our shaman
in guilt, we find self-love
in sorrow, we find service
and in simplicity,
we find omnipresent joy.
Blessed are we the human race.

Infinite Blessings to All,
Shelley Richardson

Copyright 2000

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Dear Eddy Readers,

It is with great joy that EDDY PRESS announces the arrival of our first two editions. As the Universe would have it, both books arrived off the press and ready for shipping at the same time so a Twin Launch it is! In celebration, and as a special thank you to our Eddy Newsletter readers, we are offering a limited number of personalized, author signed hard copies for each title until Dec. 31, 2011. When you place your order, add "I read 'The Eddy'" to the comment box and the name to be inscribed, and we will send along your personalized, author signed copy to your door!

RIVER: WE ARE EVER THE MASTERPIECE - An inspirational journey for Adults sure to uplift the heart, intrigue the mind and compel the spirit. "Words of silk...RIVER is a jewel!" Giorgi, Master Artist. Soft Cover and E version.

SOPHIE & THE MAGIC OF DANCE - Quality Children's Literature at its very best! A charming, inspirational playground for your child's imagination. Chapter reader for Children ages 6-9. Soft Cover

To our global audience now in over 18 countries, I send my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to each of you for reading "The Eddy" this past year.

Infinite Blessings to All!
Shelley Richardson

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To the seeker of my heart I say,

"I make no promises. I only LOVE.
And of its nature, I know this much:
LOVE permeates all time and space. Will that suffice?"

Infinite Blessings,
Shelley Richardson

Copyright 2011

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A Most Sophisticated GPS: The Human Heart

Hello Everyone,

I hope this note finds you all well and seeking the poetry in life between the steps! This is an informal note to let you know that the EDDY Press website is currently undergoing some further development. We are in the final stages of setting up the e commerce and book catalog page for RIVER: WE ARE EVER THE MASTERPIECE for adults and SOPHIE and The Magic of Dance for children. If you find there are a few rough edges in our function at the moment, please bear with us. We hope to be set up in a week or so and will keep you updated! We thank you for your patience!!! The Books are coming...they really are!!!

All that having been said....

I have now come to realize that the easiest part of this EDDY Press journey for me has been the writing of the books! I am marveling on a daily basis now as I am inundated with more and more details to tend to, just how complicated we have allowed our civilization to become. It is little wonder that so many of us are stopping in our tracks, finally overwhelmed enough with details and 'must do' tasks to say, "Enough! I want simplicity! I want to experience authentic living again! There has to be more to life than rushing from point A to point B!"

When we jump off the tracks with this realization in our hearts, it is the first and very grand step toward our awakening. FYI: The higher purpose in all the chaos, intensity and complication is to drive us toward relinquishing it all together. When we do grow weary enough of the race and step off the tracks, conventional view might like us to believe we have failed - yet the Truth of the matter is we have finally won - for we will have at last chosen to sit at the helm of our ship using the most under rated yet effective navigational tool that surpasses even the most sophisticated GPS system: the Human Heart.

Living by the Heartstrings &
Wishing You Infinite Blessings to do the same!

Shelley Richardson
Copyright 2011

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