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"Swirling Eddy, Clackamas River, Oregon"

"Swirling Eddy, Clackamas River, Oregon"

Eddy Press is a  Canadian publishing company which opened its doors in the fall of 2010. We are a small group of individuals dedicated to providing readers of all ages with rich and inspirational literature offering food for the soul, imagination and heart. We are building our company on a foundation of integrity and have our sights set upon the higher good in all of our endeavours to provide you with  Inspirational Thought for Inspirational Living .

Eddy Press Tango Publishing: We offer authors with a positive message to share with the world,  opportunities to work with Eddy Press in a self-publishing capacity. Shelley Richardson M. Ed., our founder and company owner, works personally with authors to create beautiful, professionally polished manuscripts and book designs. Authors retain creative control of their work, copyright ownership and book sales revenue. If your book fits our company mission profile of providing readers with words that Uplift the Heart, Intrigue the Mind and Compel the Spirit, contact us for more information about Tango Publishing with Eddy Press.

In October 2011, we proudly welcomed the arrival of our first publications: SOPHIE & The Magic of Dance for children and the inspirational book for adults: RIVER: WE ARE EVER THE MASTERPIECE. In 2011- 12,  SOPHIE was a NOMINEE for the Canadian Library Association's Book of the Year Award. Several other titles are in the works including: Big Boomerang, Pedagogy of Cosmic Place and Anthem of the Crows.

In the meantime, please join our free E-Newsletter "The Eddy" for inspirational shorts delivered to your mailbox and let us help you ride the wave of positivity through the duality of life experiences. We will also keep you updated on all of our latest book releases and events.


EDDY PRESS recognizes the fundamental role that ARTS & LITERACY play in promoting valuable lifelong attributes and skills. We are passionately dedicated to supporting youth in their quest for excellence and offer SOPHIE FUNDRAISING opportunities for non-profit ARTS/LITERACY organizations and schools across CANADA and the USA. If you are interested in raising funds for your non-profit ARTS/LITERACY organization or school through EDDY PRESS, please Contact Us for further information.






EDDY Press is partnering with Island Blue Printorium Bookworks in Victoria, British Columbia - an eco friendly printing company that offers quality POD (Print on Demand) technology which allows us to print quantities to meet the specific needs of our customer base and to avoid unnecessary printing surplus. With Island Blue, we are also able to use FSC certified paper for all of our printed materials.



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Supporting Arts & Literacy

Eddy Press recognizes the fundamental role that Arts & Eco Literacy play in promoting valuable lifelong attributes and skills. We are pleased to offer fundraising opportunities for non-profit Arts & Eco Literacy organizations and schools.