Spontaneity: Making Way for ‘First Snows’

In this article on the importance of spontaneity in learning, author and educator Shelley Richardson, M. Ed. uses children's response to the first snowflakes of winter as an example of the kind of curiosity and excitement that can arise in them naturally. She reflects on the many benefits of allowing this intrinsic motivation to guide the course of learning, and the challenges some educators may find in knowing how to seize the spontaneous learning opportunities while still covering the lessons they have planned. To help put these ideas into practice, she lists 11 elements that stifle spontaneity, and 11 elements that foster it. She concludes with some thoughts on what the noblest ideals and objectives of education are.

Spontaneity: Making Way for 'First Snows' - by Shelley Richardson

Author: Shelley Richardson, M. Ed.

Format: PDF
ISBN:  978-0-9876867-4-9
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