Workshops & Seminars on Education

An Eddy Press seminar is an inspirational talk on an aspect of education, presented by educator and author Shelley Richardson.

An Eddy Press workshop is an inspirational talk by Shelley Richardson M. Ed. that includes hands-on learning with materials that focus on a specific aspect of Montessori curriculum.

  • Seminars are conducted in Canada and the U.S.
  • Workshops are conducted in Toronto and the surrounding area including York, Durham, Brampton and Mississauga.  Please inquire regarding your Ontario region.
  • Travel expenses may apply for distances outside the greater Toronto area.
  • Costs are negotiable when booking 2 or more Seminars or Workshops for presentation to the same group or organization in a one-month period.
  • Electronic versions of course materials are forwarded to participants/groups ahead of presentation day. Please bring print-outs or e-readers to class!

Montessori Workshops

Montessori workshops are designed to give educators, including homeschooling parents, a foundation in Montessori curriculum, materials and teaching methods. You will gain an understanding of the purposes of the materials, their relationship to each other, their integration into other subject areas, learn how to make 'handmade' versions of the materials and build a repertoire of treasured Montessori lessons to present to your children.

  • Introduction to Montessori: Introduction, Philosophy
  • Montessori in the Home
  • Montessori in ECE Centres
  • Montessori Approach to Curriculum: Spiral Approach, Integration, Materials.
  • Montessori Language Curriculum
    • Half day: 2- 6 or 6 -12 yrs
    • Full day: 2 – 12 yrs
  • Montessori Math Curriculum
    • Half day: 2 – 6 or 6 -12 yrs
    • Full day: 2 - 12  yrs
  • Montessori Geometry Curriculum
    • Half day: 2 – 6 or 6 -12 yrs
    • Full day: 2 - 12  yrs
  • Montessori Geography Curriculum
    • Half day: 2 – 6 or 6 -12 yrs
    • Full day: 2 - 12  yrs
  • Montessori History Curriculum
    • Half day: 6 -12 yrs
    • Full day: 2 - 12  yrs
  • Montessori Botany
    • Half day: 2 – 12 yrs
    • Full day:  2 – 12 yrs
  • Montessori Zoology
    • Half day: 2 -  12 yrs
    • Full day:  2 -  12 yrs
  • Montessori - The Great Lessons
    • Full day: 6 -12 yrs: Geography, Language, Math, Geometry, The Story of Life, The Arrival of Humans.
  • Montessori Lessons of Appreciation:  Where Does Bread Come From? & others.
    • Half Day: 6 – 12 yrs
  • Montessori Erdkinder for Adolescence
    • Half day: 12 – 18 yrs

Half Day Seminars on Key Education Topics

  • Montessori  Applied 21st Century
  • Montessori: Select a topic to meet your needs.
  • The Homeschooling Movement
  • Eco-Conscious Learning
  • Role of Teacher in Learning
  • Role of Arts and Creativity in Education
  • Role of Nature in Education
  • Integrated, Spiralled Curriculum
  • Models of Education
  • Spirituality in Education
  • Motivation in Learning – Flow Theory
  • Spontaneity in Learning
  • The Ageless Learning Environment
  • Adolescent Development and Learning
  • Primary & Elementary Child Development and Learning
  • Pre-School Child Development and Learning

Please contact us to explore the possibilities and make arrangements for workshops or speaker presentations.

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Supporting Arts & Literacy

Eddy Press recognizes the fundamental role that Arts & Eco Literacy play in promoting valuable lifelong attributes and skills. We are pleased to offer fundraising opportunities for non-profit Arts & Eco Literacy organizations and schools.