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An Eddy Press edition earns a place on your bookshelf as a story to be revisited offering new levels of insight with each reading.

Eddy Press inspirational books uplift the heart, intrigue the mind and compel the spirit to make life enhancing choices. Wisdom, inspiration and humour entice the reader on a journey of self reflection laying an essential pathway to that which we all seek: Soul Freedom!

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RIVER: We Are Ever The Masterpiece

RIVER: We Are Ever The Masterpiece

Author: Shelley Richardson, M. Ed.

Written to address multilevel consciousness, RIVER earns a permanent place on your bookshelf as an inspiring fount of wisdom to be revisited again and again. RIVER speaks to the individual heart, offering a unique experience for each reader by gently drawing attention to new planes of awareness with every reading.

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Lost Prophets of the Agora: Plato & Scripture by Adam Alfsen

Lost Prophets of the Agora: PLATO IN SCRIPTURE

Author: Adam Alfsen

A fascinating and inspirational exploration of biblical themes, concepts and near direct quotations in Plato. Transformational reading by new author Adam Alfsen, proprietor of Alfsen House Books on Main Street N in Markham, ON. Canada.

"What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"  ~ Bible

"O tell me, what do possessions profit a man, if he have neither sense nor wisdom?"    ~ Plato


Format: Soft Cover, E-Book. 442 pages, b/w.

Soft Cover Price: $28.00 CAD + shipping


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