Speaking & Workshops

Eddy Press offers speaking & workshops on a variety of educational topics. Our speaker is author and educator, Shelley Richardson, M. Ed.

Looking for an Inspirational Speaker on Education?

Shelley Richardson M. Ed., is a passionate speaker on the transformational role of education today. She speaks about current missing links in many learning systems including: the need for an emerging new paradigm of Eco-Conscious, Integrative Learning that aligns its methodology with the nature and needs of the learner across the spectrum of human development. A former student of Renilde Montessori, Shelley has over 25 years experience in the field as a College Professor, Elementary Montessori Guide and Curricula Designer. Shelley shares her wealth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for the art of teaching with a dynamic and engaging delivery style.

Audience members are uplifted, rejuvenated and empowered! They are also equipped with new and applicable ideas to augment the learning processes in their own classrooms or homelearning environments.

Please contact us to explore the possibilities and make arrangements for workshops or speaker presentations.

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Supporting Arts & Literacy

Eddy Press recognizes the fundamental role that Arts & Eco Literacy play in promoting valuable lifelong attributes and skills. We are pleased to offer fundraising opportunities for non-profit Arts & Eco Literacy organizations and schools.