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Eddy Press books offer quality, thought-provoking readings that generate discussion, self-reflection and avenues to personal growth. Follow the currents of insight as we encourage you on a journey of consciousness. Discover inner navigational tools for riding on a wave of positivity through the duality of the human experience.

Inspirational Thoughts for Inspirational Living

At  Eddy Press, we breathe new life into a variety of literary areas: Fear-Free Children’s Books, Adult Inspirational and Innovative Education.

Seek and find the wonder and the beauty in life! Read an Eddy Press edition and be Inspired !   

Sophie Cover 2nd EditionOswald Inside A Rainbow by Deborah Herriot-Howes & Illustrated by Georgi Danevski

Art is Life by Georgi Danevski, First Edition.

Pedagogy of Cosmic Place

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Supporting Arts & Literacy

Eddy Press recognizes the fundamental role that Arts & Eco Literacy play in promoting valuable lifelong attributes and skills. We are pleased to offer fundraising opportunities for non-profit Arts & Eco Literacy organizations and schools.

Children's Books

Children's Books



  • Montessori Applied: 21st Century
  • Keepers and Seekers: The New Paradigm in Education
Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Uplifting the Heart
  • Intriguing the Mind
  • Compelling the Spirit