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The Eddy Press catalogue of books is organized into three categories:

Children's Books

Eddy Press Fear-Free Literature for Children. We’ve been in the field of education for over 25 years. With that kind of experience behind every Eddy Press book, you can be assured that our selection of children’s literature is of the highest quality providing an exceptionally rich and positive reading experience for your young reader. Our chapter books, poetry anthologies and short stories offer today’s children a friendly, inspirational playground for their imagination. Messages abound through the pages such as the power of positive thinking, daring to dream, Earth stewardship and perhaps the most important message of all: kindheartedness. Read More

Adult Inspirational Books

Our selection of Adult Inspirational Books have substance and staying power!

An Eddy Press edition earns a place on your bookshelf as a story to be revisited offering new levels of insight with each reading. Read More

Books on Education

"As a dedicated College Professor of Philosophy of Education and Child Development, an AMI Certified Elementary Montessori teacher, a Researcher and Curricula Designer, it is with unspeakable degrees of relief that after all these decades, I take time to put pen to paper in an effort to make a contribution toward the evolution of the human educational process in the 21st century...."
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Supporting Arts & Literacy

Eddy Press recognizes the fundamental role that Arts & Eco Literacy play in promoting valuable lifelong attributes and skills. We are pleased to offer fundraising opportunities for non-profit Arts & Eco Literacy organizations and schools.