Star Wisdom

Message from the Star of Bethlehem

Awakening into the New Dream Earth on Christmas morning. The “Trumpet” tarot card (#22) appears in my mind. It is sounding and humanity is awakening to the Gift of Ascension.

The Star of Bethlehem rises over each of us, beaming and awakening the ‘inner child’ of radiant gold residing in the haven of protection deep within our hearts. The haven has outworn its purpose.

“Like a little child, ye shall enter the Golden Gates of Heaven.”

We are all the babe of Christ – as innocent and as pure. Time to unlock the door to the cavern of protection where the golden babe resides, sleeping in the manger, humbly, lovingly and full of peace in knowing the Truth of Mother and Father God’s Creation, why we are here and our purpose as co-creators toward the further perfection of the Universe.

So the ‘inner child’ is our true self – balanced and whole – not meant to hide away but to be our true crystalline form, growing to perfection and standing tall in our streams of scintillating Divine golden energy, unique for each of us in rhythm and song. The “inner child” was not meant to bring out only once in a while to briefly cajole and uplift the Light warrior. The babe was not meant to be a fragmented part like an ornament we hang on a Christmas tree for a short time and then put away. The golden child when reinstated to its rightful place offers us the Christed eyes to see and renders us whole, bringing the I AM to the forefront of our consciousness.

Embodied in the golden babe is Truth and Wisdom of the Ages. For where there is Truth, there is knowing and purity of thought – immaculate conception - that is free to create wholly and with pure Love, to the Glory of the Creator, to the Glory of All.

Release the golden child and allow it to rise and take its rightful place in the forefront of your being. Know you are the Christed Love-Light for this is your Cosmic heritage and this is the gift the golden child within offers you this Christmas day. Let her adorn your heart, your entire being from this moment forward. You are the Christ child. And that is the gift of Truth and realization I bring to you on this the Holiest Christmas since the First Noel.

Merriest Christmas. The Golden Gates of Heaven on Earth are now sprung open for you. Enter in.

With Love & Blessings, The Star of Bethlehem.

Messenger: Shelley Richardson on December 25th, 2020.

Artwork: Star of Bethlehem photo from

PS. Posting the message as it flowed through originally. Holding back the editor within. Too much editing and polishing seems to zap the beautiful energy so I have left it as is.:)

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