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Shelley Richardson M. Ed. has over 25 years of experience in the field of education as a College Professor, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher and Curriculum Designer. Upon completion of her degree from the University of Toronto, Shelley acquired her AMI Elementary Montessori Teaching Diploma and became a passionate advocate for Holistic Education. She holds an M.Ed in Montessori Integrative Learning from The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) at Endicott College, MA., USA.

Shelley holds internationally recognized teaching credentials in Casa Preparatory (2 – 6 yrs.) and Elementary (6 – 12 yrs.). She was fortunate to have Renilde Montessori – Dr. Montessori’s granddaughter - as her teacher trainer. In her graduate studies at Endicott College, she was fortunate to have as mentor Philip Snow Gang, a long time friend and colleague of Mario Montessori Sr. and Mario Montessori Jr.

In her youth, Shelley studied Classical Ballet as a professional student at the National Ballet School of Canada which, in subsequent years, led to her earliest instructional experiences and to the discovery of her love for the art of teaching.

Shelley’s sensitivity for the plight of a child’s expression, self esteem and innate curiosity in the learning environment greatly influences her personal teaching philosophy.  She sees the nurturing of these elements as an essential precursor to a fulfilling adult life. Shelley carries forward these teaching values as a College Professor, and with her enthusiastic, dynamic teaching approach, fosters these same elements in her adult students providing a stress free learning environment in order to allow optimal learning to unfold.

Inspired by Montessori's vision of Cosmic Education and recent discoveries in cosmology and systems science, Shelley is developing an integrative learning model for an elementary - high school which she is planning to open as an extension of her Richardson Montessori learning centre in Markham, ON, Canada.

Shelley Richardson M. Ed, is the author of the children's books SOPHIE and the Magic of Dance and Big Boomerang, and the inspirational book for adults RIVER: We Are Ever The Masterpiece. She is author of the work: Pedagogy of Cosmic Place: Discovering Universality with Montessori and the Natural World. 

Current Endeavours

Shelley Richardson M. Ed. is active in the field of education as a speaker on the subject of Integrative Learning from an eco-cosmological perspective, as a Curriculum Designer and teacher. She is a contributor to  the vision and curriculum for the Traverse Greenspire Middle School (TGS) - a Chartered alternative school in Michigan, USA. TGS is a Montessori inspired program that allows for student initiated learning through an Environmental Project-Research approach.  Shelley is a contributing member to Jennifer Morgan's the Deep Time Journey Network.

Homeschoolers experimenting at Richardson Montessori.

Homeschoolers experimenting at Richardson Montessori.

Shelley is the proprietor of RICHARDSON MONTESSORI Tutoring & Enrichment learning centre in Markham, ON, Canada where part-time learners & homeschoolers come to enjoy full Montessori experiences.

Visit: www.richardsonmontessori.com. or call:             647 268 6777 to book a tour.

Shelley is also serving as a board member on the Markham Arts Council  and is passionate about integrating Arts through youth and teen programs in the Markham and York Region community.

“Homeschooling." (2004)


"My greatest hope for humanity is that we one day find ourselves nurturers rather than ravagers of Beloved Mother Earth and that in honouring the diversity among us, we come to recognize the thread of commonality that weaves our hearts together"                                                                             [Richardson 2010]

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