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Behind every Eddy Press children's book are Shelley Richardson, M.Ed's 25 years of experience in the field of education and our deep belief in the value of quality storytelling as a catalyst to peace. With that kind of experience and passion behind every Eddy Press book, you can be assured that our selection of children’s literature is of the highest calibre.

"The child is both a hope and promise for humankind."  Dr. Maria Montessori       

Eddy Press literature is fear-free, providing children with an exceptionally rich reading experience for your young reader. Our chapter books, poetry anthologies and short stories offer today’s children a friendly, inspirational playground for their imagination. Positive, character-building messages abound throughout the pages: the power of positive thinking, daring to dream, Earth stewardship, and perhaps the most important message of all: the power of Love.

"Of all things, Love is most potent."   Dr. Maria Montessori

Fear-Free Children's Books to Inspire Healthy, Happy Imaginations for Life!

Our storytelling comes to life through playful characters, humour, lyrical language, rich vocabulary and delightful illustrations that appeal to a child’s imagination and curiosity. An Eddy Press reading experience inspires a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world & each other by offering children what the world needs now: an awakening to the beauty of life all around us.

Discover Eddy Press children's books today, and give your own children or classroom the gift of Inspirational Thoughts for Inspirational Living!

Book Titles

Sophie Cover 2nd Edition


SOPHIE and The Magic of Dance

Chapter Book for Readers Ages 8-12

Written by Shelley Richardson M. Ed., a former professional student of  Canada'sNational Ballet School and a College English Professor, SOPHIE and The Magic of Dance is the charming tale of the world of dance through the eyes of an aspiring 8 year old ballerina named Sophie. Messages abound such as the power of positive thinking, daring to dream and living passionately from the heart.

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Coming Soon

Big Boomerang

Children All Ages

Author: Shelley Richardson, M. Ed.

Poetry Anthology

Format: Hard Cover

Coming Soon

Georgi’s Horses

Author: Shelley Richardson, M. Ed.

Short Story – Biography for Children About Master Artist Georgi Danevksi

Format: Soft Cover

Coming Soon

Rachael’s Chain of Joy

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