Second Glance


Spring Garden

Spring Garden

First spring tea today in my garden!

Admittedly, a little chilly in the crisp sunny breeze and the view so brown and withered but determined I was to be in Nature's presence for so long and icy was  the winter. And soon I caught a glimpse....perhaps a gift in kind for my perseverance in the chilly wind. There among the lifeless branches, a tiny sprig of green so sweet, smiled at me.  My beautiful Sage! She triumphed and will live to see another season!

The humble sight sparked such a ray of hope in my soul for a world of all good things. How is it such a tiny sprig  ignites a fire of faith in me - not only for my Sage but for all humanity?

Like the appearances of this world that might tempt us into believing hope is lost, perhaps a second glance is warranted... a deeper, more thoughtful look at the reflections in the each other's eyes.  There we will find her residing in a powerful grace, fortifying our spirits with courage and confidence - lighting our passage out of the labyrinth into a world in love with life and all Creation.

Infinite Blessings,

Shelley Richardson        ©2014

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